Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Water Around

Constant water blocked in Bhabadaha ,located at South western part of Bangladesh, has become an un presented measure for one million dweller of that locality. They are really under thread of ruining last livelihood. Overflowing river water submerged the whole area of forty square kilometers. They have lost their agricultural land, home to live, most of the educational Institutions and even safe water to drink.

In the year of 1964 the former Pakestani Government had decided to construct more than two hundreds of bolder across five major rivers to keep free the agricultural land from salty water comes from Bay of Bengal. That violation of natural flowing of water caused dead factor for all those rivers. Rivers have lost their depth because of alluvial that carries water from sea.

Last two decades people of that locality have been facing that situation. Seeing the fact I made visit several times to see that fact myself and took so many photographs. Finally took decision to show the crisis making a photo project. For that I made enough research and collected information over the fact.

I think this is a very important issue for this time being to be shown before the whole Nation for mitigation daily distrace of those people of that locality and finding the way to solve the problem finally.

Red spot area in the map is affected zone.

Permanent water blocking destroy thousands of homes that made people shelter less in Bhabadaha .

There is no dried land around them.

People use bamboo made bridge to go anywhere

This is one of the main roads to go Nahalpurbazer, Sadar Upozila. Last one year people are using this road.

Nirmal Byragi And his wife Bala have been in this situation for one year. He sold two of his cows to purchase a boat.

Kultia village went under water in the last year. No body knows when water will go down. When land will come out.